Thursday, February 12, 2009

Slough's energy use ...

Slough has approximately 45,000 households.

Each household uses approximately 4239 kWh each year in electricity (reference to come).

This means that Slough uses about 191,000,000kWh each year (or 191,000MWh, or 191GWh)

A 3MW wind turbine in Slough will produce about 3972MWh a year, or 4GWh. This is approximately 2% of the current electricity requirement for the town.

A household solar panel in the Thames Valley will produce about 2MWh each year, requiring approimately 2,000 such installations to produce the same amount of electricity as 1 3MW wind turbine, or 95,500 to meet the total requirement - over double the actual number of households.

That's the plain facts of electricity use in Slough.

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